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California Roll Sushi Bowls

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California Roll in layered bowl form! These are the simplified way to enjoy all the flavors of a California roll in a fraction of the time! You get a hearty bowl of sushi rice layered together with so many delicious flavors and textures. Who could resist? California Rolls the Quick and Easy Way! How could you go wrong with deconstructed sushi piled high in a bowl? It's destined to be a new go-to weeknight recipe for you! You get a slightly sweet, slightly tangy, tender sushi rice and atop is a blend of crab (or imitation crab), crisp fresh veggies including carrots, cucumber, and buttery avocado. Then there's also umami-rich nori, flavorful pickled ginger, a salty soy finish, creamy and spicy sriracha mayo, then buttery little sesame seeds to finish it off with more texture. Talk about explosion of flavor in every bite! Plus these are so easy to make. Just cook the rice, chop everything up, then serve it layered together individual bowls. No meticulous cutting and rollin

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

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Vegan Chickpea Salad Sandwiches - a nutritious sandwich made with hearty chickpeas, earthy tahini, bright lemon, crisp veggies, multigrain bread, and it's layered with all your favorite toppings. Hearty Chickpea Salad Sandwiches If you love hummus you will also love and appreciate all the similar depth of flavor found in this sandwich! And if you aren't a hummus fan I've listed an option to make it taste similar to tuna salad instead, with a creamy mayo base (which can also be made vegan). Either way you can't go wrong with this recipe. It's nutritious, easy to prepare, and it's perfectly filling thanks to those protein filled and fiber rich chickpeas (plus the fiber found in the whole grain bread). I love to make this for lunch and eat it for several days since it keeps well in the fridge. It makes a great make-ahead meal prep or take along school lunch for the kids. What to Serve It In Just like many other similar salads you can serve it in bread , wr

Salmon Salad

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Healthy Salmon Salad - made with freshly cooked salmon fillets, crisp nutritious veggies, flavorful herbs, and a tangy Greek yogurt dressing. It makes an excellent lunch or light and refreshing dinner. This salmon salad recipe is similar to tuna salad but better! It has more flavor and it's a nice change from the same thing we've been eating for decades. I think it may likely become a new favorite! It's flavorful, filling, contains healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids), vitamins and minerals, and it is something you can feel great about eating! And if you make it for dinner for just one or two people you'll be lucky to have some left for an on the go-lunch the next day. Salmon Salad Serving Suggestions There are so many ways to serve this simple salmon salad. It's delicious in bread slices (white, sourdough, wheat, multi-grain) , croissants, rolls, bagels (or bagel thins) , pita or flat bread , wraps or tortillas , or you can serve it in lettuce leaves ma

Ice Cream Cake

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Homemade Ice Cream Cake ! It's layered with a super easy, made from scratch chocolate cake, rich fudge sauce, your choice of luscious ice cream, and it's finished with final layer of fluffy sweetened whipped cream. The BEST Ice Cream Cake! This is truly one of the ultimate celebrations cakes! You get four layers of distinctive decadence in each slice of cake. And with it's combination of homemade layers and store-bought layers it's simple enough yet perfectly impressive enough. The cake and whipped cream are made fresh while the ice cream and fudge sauce are store-bought to save time. I don't really care to admit how many slices I was able to polish off within a weeks time. Let's just say this cake is dangerously delicious! The chocolate cake is perfectly fudgy (something between brownie and cake texture) and you wouldn't believe how easy the batter is to make. It was inspired by my Easy Chocolate Cake but I adjusted it for a slightly smaller size and


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A perfect Tiramisu recipe ! This is dessert royalty with a luxurious taste, a velvety texture and an exceptionally delicious blend of flavors. And thanks to the use of store-bought lady fingers it's a rather easy dessert to make (you just need a little patience for cooling and layering, but it's most definitely worth the wait!). What is Tiramisu? Tiramisu is a beautiful, layered Italian dessert made with lady fingers that have been dipped in strong coffee and aligned in a baking dish, then spread atop is a layer of sweet and fluffy mascarpone custard, and it's dusted with a decadent cocoa finish. In this tiramisu recipe the layering process is done twice but other versions may have a group of three repetitive layers or just a single set of layers. It can be made to include a few splashes of alcohol such as rum, brandy or marsala wine, or it can be left out altogether. I prefer without because it really lets the flavors of the coffee and cocoa shine without an overwhelm

Bucatini all’Amatriciana

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Bucatini all'Amatriciana - A hearty and satisfying Italian dish made with bucatini pasta, rich pancetta or guanciale (an Italian pork), sharp Pecorino Romano cheese, and bright San Marzano tomatoes. It's so simple to make and sure to satisfy those carb-y cravings! What is Bucatini? Bucatini is a long, tubular, straw-like pasta that's made from durum wheat flour. It's similar to spaghetti but thicker because it has that hollow center running through it's entire length. It is a popular pasta in Rome, Italy. It is said to originate from the city of Amatrice. It's name comes from the Italian word "buco", which in English translates to "hole." Can you imagine the labor of love to create the handmade version of this pasta by wrapping individual pieces of dough around a thin rod (known as a ferretto) and rolling it thin? For this recipe the commercially made, store-bought pasta will definitely do. I think you will love this specialty pasta,