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Parmesan Risotto - A creamy, tender, saucy and flavorful Italian rice dish. It's made with short-grain Arborio rice, cooked with savory chicken broth, rich butter, bold garlic, and plenty of creamy Parmesan cheese. It’s an easy side dish that’s sure to impress!  The Best Easy Risotto Recipe So, what is risotto, anyway? Risotto is sometimes described as being the rice version of mac and cheese . A northern Italian dish, it is made by cooking starchy, short-grain rice with stock or broth until it becomes tender and creamy. It is also often given a boost of flavor with butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese as you’ll find in this recipe.    If you’re wondering if risotto is difficult to make, the answer is not at all. A cross between rice and pasta, it comes together on the stovetop for a fairly hands-off recipe. You’ll find that one batch makes enough to feed up to 6 people, making it perfect for family-friendly weeknight meals. You can also easily half or double the recipe


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The b est Blondies recipe ! Made with sweet, vanilla flavor, they’re soft and moist in the center yet slightly crisp on the outside. Studded with gooey white chocolate chips in every bite, they’re sure to satisfy the strongest sweet tooth.  What Are Blondies?  A truly mouthwatering dessert, blondies are often confused with brownies and are even sometimes called blondie brownies. To be clear, blondies and brownies are not the same things, but they do have similar ingredients.  Both desserts are made with a base of sugar, butter, eggs, and flour. However, blondies do not contain cocoa powder, which is a key contributor to any good brownie recipe. Instead, the star of the show in blondie recipes is browned butter which is made with butter and brown sugar.   As a result, blondies have a rich, indulgent flavor and a soft, slightly chewy texture. They’re typically baked into bars and often contain a variety of different mix-ins. You’ll find white chocolate chips and walnuts in this ea

Summery Chicken Pasta Salad

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Summery Chicken Pasta Salad - Made with fun mini bowtie pasta, a lemony herb flecked dressing, sharp cheddar, crisp veggies, flavor rich bacon, and tender rotisserie chicken. This is an absolute crowd pleaser! Club Chicken Pasta Salad This is a family favorite pasta salad! It's similar to the taste of a club chicken sandwich meets a ranch salad. In other words it's completely irresistible! It has all the best flavors including the unmistakable taste of dill, sweet corn, vibrant tomatoes, crave-able cheese, meaty bacon, bone-in cooked chicken, and a rich tangy dressing. And if you want one more summery mix-in you can also include in a buttery avocado. It makes an extra large batch which is perfectly fitting for a summer cook out of about 12 people, but the recipe can easily be halved as well for a smaller family lunch or dinner (amounts are included at the bottom of the recipe). Though you'll find it also keeps well in the fridge so you may opt to just make the full b

Garlic Parmesan Pasta

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Super quick and easy Garlic Parmesan Pasta ! Made with only 4 INGREDIENTS while the secret to the sauce is just the reserved pasta water. It finishes with al dente spaghetti, and a rich and buttery, garlicky parmesan sauce. Simple Garlic Parmesan Spaghetti This is a staple recipe for a quick weeknight side dish. This garlic parm pasta is similar to cacio e pepe but includes butter and has less black pepper (unless you prefer an abundance for that kick). It's amazing how you can get such a delicious dish with exceptional flavor out of so few ingredients. You can also easy modify the recipe and include cooked shredded chicken, fresh bright lemon or try it with roasted garlic. Or just serve as is and pair it with roasted broccoli for a simple vegetarian dinner. from Cooking Classy

Marry Me Chicken

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Marry Me Chicken - Chicken breasts are pan seared until beautifully golden brown then smothered in a creamy and abundantly flavorful sun dried tomato and basil sauce. It's an easy chicken recipe that's sure to impress! Sun Dried Tomato Chicken So what is "marry me chicken" anyway? It's said that this popular chicken dish is so good your partner will be asking for a marriage proposal after tasting it. Of course that's just an over the top statement that's just a joke, but its name is basically saying this is one of the tastiest chicken recipes you'll make. It's simply creamy sun dried tomato chicken but that title just doesn't do it justice. It comes together quickly and doesn't require a hot oven, chicken breasts are just quickly cooked on the stove and finished with the best pan sauce. Those sun dried tomatoes bring bold, concentrated tomato-y flavor and the cream balances it perfectly. And let's not forget to mention there'

Navajo Tacos

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Navajo Tacos are made of tender homemade fry bread that are layered with a seasoned ground beef and bean filling, crisp lettuce, rich cheese, juicy tomatoes, and creamy sour cream. They are truly one of the ultimate comfort foods! Our Favorite Navajo Tacos! Think piled high taco salad but even better! These are a Southwestern classic. Just imagine a pillowy soft yet chewy center encased by a lightly crisp, perfectly fried golden brown exterior. Then it's generously topped with a deeply flavorful browned beef taco filling and all those vibrantly colorful toppings that have a pleasant complementary blend of textures. People of all ages love them! They are such a simply satisfying taco to say the least. Try them soon and you'll see why our family has craved them as long as we can remember! from Cooking Classy