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Chicken Florentine

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This enticing smothered Chicken Florentine recipe is a French dish made with tender chicken breasts that are pan seared until beautifully golden brown then they are covered in a rich and creamy spinach pan sauce. It's easy and so satisfyingly delicious! Who doesn't love a recipe that makes the mark to be tasty enough for the holidays with a hint of gourmet elegance, yet it's easy enough for a weekday? This chicken Florentine is just that! It comes together quickly since it's pan fried on the stovetop but it's impressive enough to serve to guests. You'll find that the sauce has layers of flavor thanks to the white wine, shallot, parmesan cheese, garlic and abundance of spinach. Plus there's plenty of sauce so you can have extra for dipping with fresh bread or pairing with pasta alongside the chicken. A helpful tip and reminder whenever cooking chicken breasts, just cook them right to 165 degrees in the center so you end up with juicy, tender chicken bre

Shrimp and Rice Recipe {One Pot}

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Shrimp and Rice - A one pot dish made with tender and hearty jasmine rice and buttery lemon shrimp. It's an absolute breeze to make and completely delicious! An Easy Shrimp and Rice Recipe! One pot dishes are a staple for those busy weekdays in our lives. This one pot shrimp and rice is quick cooking, perfectly flavorful, and clean up is a breeze. The rice is infused with chicken broth and garlic for a boost in flavor, and the shrimp is upgraded with that classic lemon butter combo to really highlight it. It's a simple process that takes minimal effort but yields an impressive finished result that will please everyone. If you are wondering what to make with shrimp and rice I'd suggest serving with buttery cooked broccoli, asparagus or peas to finish it off. It can really benefit from a nice fresh pop of green to compliment it. You can't go wrong with this simple dinner! from Cooking Classy

Cookie Cake 3 Ways

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Cookie Cake made three ways! Includes recipes for chocolate chip, chocolate, and funfetti sugar cookie cakes. For the ultimate celebration make all three decadent versions! These recipes are inspired by my ever so popular edible cookie dough recipes (without raw eggs or flour), check them out here ! Homemade Cookie Cakes When I set out to create this recipe I was originally just going to go with the classic chocolate chip cake. But of course I couldn't stop there because who doesn't love multiple options? The chocolate chip version is chewy and buttery and tastes just like a classic chocolate chip cookie with a chocolate frosting upgrade swirling around the edges. If you are a chocolate fan the double chocolate cookie cake is for you. It's made with rich Dutch cocoa, has a tempting fudgy texture and it's not just made with a chocolate base. It's also dotted with chocolate chips and finished with a decadent chocolate frosting. And if you are a chewy and sweet

How to Make Almond Milk

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Homemade Almond Milk is so easy to make! It doesn't require many ingredients, it tastes so much fresher, and in my opinion it has more of a pure almond flavor than store bought. You'll be savoring every sip! Fresh Made Almond Milk Making this DIY almond milk is easily the superior version of almond milks. It actually tastes quite different from store-bought versions because it's just so good! I was completely surprised myself the first time I made it. This homemade variations doesn't included additives such as thickeners like added guar or gellan gums (which to some can cause stomach upset), and the almond flavor here just comes from the almonds not added flavor. I would suspect there's a greater ratio of almonds used in this almond milk vs. factory processed as well (though I have no way of proving this, I'm giving that judgment based on taste alone). Isn't making things from scratch and that bit of self sufficiency involved with it just such a gratif

Glazed Carrots

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Quick and easy Glazed Carrots - Made with fresh sliced carrots, sweet brown sugar or honey and a few dabs of rich butter. This recipe is proof that it doesn't take much to upgrade a simple vegetable and make it beautifully shine, both in taste and presentation! Sweet Brown Sugar or Honey Glazed Carrots You may find these are reminiscent of sweet potatoes but with a fraction of the time effort! And you only need 5 ingredients (plus salt and pepper). Carrots are sliced on a biased, steamed in a skillet until nearly tender, then sautéed with butter and brown sugar or honey. It's a simple method that has plenty of leeway for adaptations (variations I'd recommend are adding spices, tossing in dried nuts or dried cranberries, and finishing with other herbs such as chives or dill). You'll find it to be a quick go-to side dish that will compliment so many of your favorite entrees, they may even take center stage for favorite item on the dinner plate. Even kids will love