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Chicken in White Wine Sauce

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Chicken in White Wine Sauce - it's one of the most delicious ways to finish pan seared chicken! And you'll love that it's simple enough for a weekday, yet impressive enough for a weekend dinner with guests! This post is sponsored by Danish Creamery. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Chicken with the Best White Wine Sauce Chicken breasts are pan seared until perfectly browned and tender. Then finely diced onions are sautéed until they've picked up some color. Next, bright white wine and chicken broth are added and simmered to concentrate their flavor. Last but not least, the sauce is polished off with rich butter. And we don't just use any ordinary butter. Here we use the ultra delicious, extra luxurious Danish Creamery European Style Butter Danish Creamery European Style Butter which is slow churned in small batches for a velvety texture and rich flavor. The unique thing I love about this butter is that they've been using the same recipe since 1985!

Beef Stew

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This homemade Beef Stew is the ultimate hearty comfort food! It makes the coziest meal and is perfect served with rustic bread alongside it. This version is generous with the beef and the vegetables, and it's paired with a rich nicely thickened broth. Dutch Oven Beef Stew An incredibly delicious traditional beef stew that's likely even better than you remember your family making growing up! It's made with tender bite size pieces of beef, creamy potatoes, nutritious carrots, and a rich and savory red wine infused broth. This easy beef stew follows a straightforward prep and finishes with that classic old fashioned flavor. Beef and onions are browned on the stovetop (tip: nicely browned beef is key to the complex depth of flavor here). Then the liquids and herbs are added and the stew and it's cooked in the oven. Partway through the remaining vegetables are added so they don't end up mushy, and then it's baked once more until everything is tender. You'

Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon

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Easy Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon - Rich salmon fillets brushed in a simple brown sugar, mustard and garlic mixture then they're oven baked until tender and flakey. A quick dinner with vibrant and slightly sweet flavor! 5-Ingredient Brown Sugar Salmon For this recipe you only need 5 ingredients (plus the standard salt and pepper)! And the prep couldn't be easier. You don't even need to remove the skin from the salmon. It will just easily peel away after baking. The glaze is sweet and tangy and pairs deliciously well with the buttery salmon. The combo of brown sugar and mustard works wonders here and a little lemon zest highlights those flavors. Pair it with steamed rice and asparagus for a quick, minimal-ingredient meal that's both filling and delicious! from Cooking Classy

Avocado Fries {and Avocado Tacos}

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Avocado Fries - They are are one of the best things you can make with fresh avocados! It's a simple process of breading avocado slices, then I've shared options to fry or bake them until they're golden brown and perfectly crisp. Eat them on their own or there's also a recipe included to use them as a tasty taco filling. Versatile Avocado Fries You'll love the crispy crunchy exterior and creamy rich interior along with that hint of seasoned flavor found in these avocado fries. They are such a delicious appetizer, side dish, or with a few additions can be converted into a main dish. You can enjoy them on their own, serve with a dip, or use them in vegetarian tacos, breakfast tacos, tostadas, or salads. My favorite way to use them is the taco option. It's a fun take on a classic and has such a nice variety of textures and crave-able flavors! Some may think a vegetarian taco can be boring but these are anything but! No one will miss the meat in the slightes