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Healthier Blueberry Muffins

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Healthy Blueberry Muffins - made with nutritious whole wheat flour, nutty almond flour, plenty of fresh blueberries, and sweetened with real maple syrup instead of sugar. It's a healthier version that's still perfectly delicious! Our Go-To Blueberry Muffins! Is a blueberry muffin healthy?  While obvious answer is no, a traditional blueberry muffin is definitely not healthy, we can however make a few simple modifications to make them quite a bit healthier. And sure I have a not-so-healthy sugar packed blueberry muffin we love and enjoy sometimes but this recipe below is something I feel better about serving my family more often.  These have actually been one of our go-to breakfasts before school for quite some time. It's something we can take on the go, they are such a tasty morning treat, and it's so convenient that they can be made ahead. For the kids we usually just pair them with milk and a hard boiled egg for another make ahead option (we aren't morning

Lemon Parmesan Kale Salad

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Bright and citrusy Lemon Parmesan Kale Salad - an Italian inspired salad made with nutritious Kale, juicy tomatoes, crunchy almonds and croutons, flavorful parmesan and it's tossed with a fresh lemon dressing. Healthy Lemon Kale Salad To say kale salad took us by surprise is an understatement. You may think kale salad, how boring, but with the right dressing and a few complementary mix-ins you can make bold earthy flavored kale turn into something truly delicious! We've been eating this apple kale salad almost every week since I shared it (my kids even request it for school lunch believe it or not). So I thought it would be nice to throw another one into the rotation. One with the tantalizing flavor trio of parmesan, lemon and garlic. I think you'll love this one paired with a pasta main dish or just add some chicken and turn it into the main course. Just hold the crouton crumbles until you're almost ready to serve it so they don't get soggy. from Cookin

Chicken Cacciatore

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This Chicken Cacciatore is an incredibly hearty stew-like dish made with chicken thighs, Marzano tomatoes, and fresh vegetables. It's seasoned with an abundance of fresh herbs and simmered with a parmesan rind and plenty of garlic leaving it with fantastic flavor! What is Chicken Cacciatore? Chicken Cacciatore is a rustic Italian dish made of bone-in chicken portions that have been browned then braised, along with sauteed vegetables, in crushed tomatoes, wine and herbs. What to Serve with It It is the coziest dish and it's perfect paired with pasta, rustic bread, polenta, or mashed potatoes. It's basically a meal in one so you really don't need a whole lot more with it. This makes for the perfect homestyle dinner to sit down to after a hectic day or long week. Such delicious Italian comfort food that's well worth the process! from Cooking Classy

Roasted Tri Tip

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Oven Roasted Tri Tip ! It's a simple recipe that doesn't even require a smoker or grill. Tri tip is coated with a simple spice rub and baked in the oven until it's nearly cooked through, then it's finished in a hot cast iron pan for a beautifully browned sear.  Easy Tri Tip Roast This has been a go-to recipe at our house for the last few months because it's incredibly easy to make, you only need a handful of ingredients, and it’s made with a less expensive cut of beef. You can usually find tri tip quite a bit cheaper than most steaks (which are getting very expensive lately). We just buy a 2-pack at $7.99 per pound at our local Costco and freeze the second one for later (for best quality use frozen tri tip within 3 months). The key to a good tri tip is in the seasoning and the cooking method. Here we give it a nice spice rub for added flavor, let it rest at room temp a while, then roast it in a moderately heated oven, and last finish it by reverse searing (baki

Hasselback Potatoes

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These Hasselback Potatoes are made with colorful potatoes that are thinly sliced (but kept intact), and they are brushed with butter, garlic, herbs and cheese and roasted until tender on the inside and golden brown on the outside. They are an impressive side dish that's perfect for weekends and entertaining! This post is sponsored by Danish Creamery. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Perfect Hasselback Potatoes Side dishes don't get much better than this! A humble bland potato is turned into something flavorful and completely satisfying! Creamy potatoes are thinly sliced and brushed with the high quality, supremely-delicious Danish Creamery Premium Butter. Then they are baked until they fan open into a beautiful accordion-like shape. They are easier than they may appear to be and they are perfectly tasty! Plus they pair well with countless main dishes, and there are so many options to switch things up with seasonings. Sure you could serve a boring baked potatoes but

Lemon Butter Chicken Tenders

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Lemon Butter Chicken Tenders - small strips of chicken are tossed with herbs and spices and seared until golden brown, then finished with a simple garlicky, lemon-butter pan sauce. It's a no fuss, super fast and easy to make chicken recipe that doesn't disappoint! Easy to Make Chicken Tenders for Busy Days! Easy recipes like this are just the best go-to. These chicken tenders can be ready in 15 minutes! You can still have a great tasting dish that all ages will love, with a only a handful of everyday ingredients and a quick prep. Just load up the garlic, be sure to only use fresh lemon and parsley and don't go skimpy on the butter (it makes up most of the sauce). Pair them with a quick couscous , roasted vegetables , our favorite parmesan potatoes , no knead bread , or a simple side salad for a tasty weeknight meal. from Cooking Classy