Cookie Cake 3 Ways

Cookie Cake made three ways! Includes recipes for chocolate chip, chocolate, and funfetti sugar cookie cakes. For the ultimate celebration make all three decadent versions!

These recipes are inspired by my ever so popular edible cookie dough recipes (without raw eggs or flour), check them out here!

Three homemade cookie cakes. Includes chocolate chip cookie flavor, double chocolate, and funfetti.

Homemade Cookie Cakes

When I set out to create this recipe I was originally just going to go with the classic chocolate chip cake. But of course I couldn't stop there because who doesn't love multiple options?

The chocolate chip version is chewy and buttery and tastes just like a classic chocolate chip cookie with a chocolate frosting upgrade swirling around the edges.

If you are a chocolate fan the double chocolate cookie cake is for you. It's made with rich Dutch cocoa, has a tempting fudgy texture and it's not just made with a chocolate base. It's also dotted with chocolate chips and finished with a decadent chocolate frosting.

And if you are a chewy and sweet sugar cookie fan and love sprinkles the funfetti sugar cookie cake is the one you'll love.

These are such a fun change from the classic fluffy cake for a birthday and people of all ages will enjoy them, because who doesn't love cookies?

Slices of various flavors of cookie cakes on dessert plates.

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