Cowboy Cookies

Cowboy Cookies - A soft and chewy cookie that's unapologetically loaded to the max with mix-ins. This sweet and buttery, coconut and chocolate flecked treat is sure to satisfy those cookie cravings!

Cowboy cookies stacked on a blue serving plate.

What are Cowboy Cookies?

We are all familiar with the classic chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies and snickerdoodles but what exactly are cowboy cookies?

They are a cookie similar to oatmeal cookies as they include oats but what makes them unique is that they also include additions of shredded coconut, chocolate chips, pecans and cinnamon.

Some say they were created and attained their name in being a a good pack along cookie that held up well in a saddlebag, while others believe they originated in Texas and are named after the cowboys.

People of all ages love these cookies and they are a welcome change from the traditional cookies with one main flavor. These are tempting blend of so many cookies in one!

What's not to love about these highly textural cookies? It's a decadent cookie brimming to the max with all the best things!

Close up overhead photo of cowboy cookies with coconut and pecans to the side.

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