Sugar Cookie Icing

This is the easiest Sugar Cookie Icing you can make! It's made with just a few simple ingredients including powdered sugar for sweetness, corn syrup for consistency, whole milk for creaminess and thinning, and extracts for flavor. It's perfect for decorating your favorite sugar cookies.

Sugar cookie icing shown over cookies in various colors and shapes.

Easy Sugar Cookie Icing

When I've made sugar cookie icing in the past I've gone with egg based icing, which uses dried egg white powder. But who wants to buy a specialty ingredient that's hard to find that you've only got one use for, right?

So a few weeks ago I tested a different icing that uses corn syrup instead and from here on out it will definitely my go-to.

There's so many reasons to love it: It's unbelievably easy to make, you just need a bowl and a fork. You'll find it tints nicely holding vibrant colors (and a little food color goes a long way). It pipes beautifully (once you get the right consistency), and it sets to a nice hard layer making it suitable for stacking.

No unique ingredients and you really don't even need special equipment (like a piping bag and tip) if you don't need detailed shapes. I've even used a quart size freezer bag with success, just seal the bag and cut a tiny tip from one corner for that option.

It's the perfect icing for all your holiday and celebratory sugar cookies!

Sugar cookie icing in a piping bag. Icing is tinted a green color and there is a cut out cookie next to it showing how to decorate with icing and sprinkles.

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