Roast Turkey Recipe

This Roast Turkey recipe is a holiday staple! Made with a fresh or frozen and thawed turkey, lots of rich butter, fresh herbs, a hint of bright lemon, and flavorful onion and garlic. It's easy to prepare and it's sure to impress family and friends!

Overhead image of whole turkey on a white platter garnished with fresh herbs, lemon slices and cranberries around it.

The Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe!

I don't know what it is about roasting a turkey but it can seem like one of the most intimidating things to prepare and cook for the first time. Maybe it's because it's generally made to feed a lot of people so along with that comes the stress of possibly messing dinner up for a lot of people, plus being served on Thanksgiving means it's that once a year special event.

This easy, straightforward recipe is hard to mess up by following the simple guidelines and steps (as in, don't begin with a partial frozen turkey and be sure you fully cook it through).

The secret in this turkey recipe is in the butter and flavorings. The butter helps yield a nicely browned skin and a juicy, flavorful meat while the lemon and herbs infuse a nice flavor.

This roast turkey will be the star of the show at your holiday feast with it's delicious flavor and moist, tender texture. It's a turkey that does the yearly tradition proud!

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Whole roasted turkey on a serving platter with herbs lemons and cranberries

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