Chicken Alfredo

Such a rich and satisfying Chicken Alfredo recipe! It's a hearty dish made with fettuccine pasta, a creamy parmesan white sauce, and garlicky pan seared chicken. 

Chicken alfredo in a blue pasta bowl.

Chicken Fettucine Alfredo

Something about the colder seasons makes us ready for all the cozy meals. Bring on the pastas, casseroles, and all the carby goodness. We all need a good splurge meal sometimes.

This classic chicken alfredo is just that. It's a family friendly recipe that has stood the test of time.

It's such a loved dish because of it's rich cream and butter based sauce and all that flavorful parmesan to make it so crave-able. And the addition of browned chicken adds another layer of flavor and texture to it.

Alfredo sauce and chicken were just made to go together. It's such a simple yet delicious pairing.

This recipe doesn't require a whole lot but it always set to impress.

Since this is a rather heavy dish I recommend serving it with steamed or roasted broccoli or asparagus to finish off the meal.

Chicken alfredo in a large skillet.

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