Iced Pumpkin Cookies

Soft and tender, spiced pumpkin cookies are topped with a sweet vanilla icing and rich chocolate icing, then optional finished with pecans for a hint of nutty flavor and crunch. They're reminiscent of a cake donut and such a tempting cookie you'll want to make again and again every fall season!

Pumpkin cookies with chocolate and vanilla icing.

A New Favorite Fall Recipe

We all love the classic pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but sometimes it's nice to switch up tradition for something different but equally as delicious. These iced pumpkin cookies fill that space perfectly.

These are a very similar to those cakey pumpkin flavored cookies we are used to but dark chocolate chips are omitted and instead they're finish them with two types of icing and chopped nuts.

They may just take the winning lead for your favorite fall cookie!

They are fun to decorate two. One way I came up with is to use both types of icing and finish with a criss-cross pattern that becomes a pretty autumn plaid design. All you need is to small resealable bags or two piping bags to create it (and snip a small corner away with scissors to drizzle over).

Just plain on two per person because most likely everyone will want to try each type of icing. Let us know which you love the most!

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