Cream of Mushroom Soup

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup - It's a rich and flavorful soup made with sauteed mushrooms and onions, bright herbs, and a creamy broth. It's the ultimate mushroom soup recipe!

Single serving of cream of mushroom soup in a brown bowl garnished with sauteed mushrooms.

Creamy Cozy Mushroom Soup

So what is the secret to perfect creamy mushroom soup? Browning the mushrooms first. In my opinion it's the only way to make mushroom soup.

It's key to building up that golden brown, rich depth flavor. It also gives the soup a warmer more appealing color as well, rather than being a unappetizing dull grey. We eat with our eyes first after all.

While yes it does take 30 minutes of sautéing and makes the process go slower it's easily worth the effort. Trust me the patience pays of in the end result as it becomes a golden soup with perfectly tender mushrooms.

The other ingredients that highlight it are dry white wine to build up flavor, and a parmesan rind for a hint of cheesy goodness (never toss those things, they are great simmered in soups and sauces).

It is the best mushroom soup I've had and I'm hoping you agree!

Serve it with artisan bread for dipping and a simple side salad to complete the meal.

Close up photo of cream of mushroom soup in a ladle.

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