Cream of Broccoli Soup

Homemade Cream of Broccoli Soup - It's rich and creamy, lightly cheesy (with parmesan!), has hints of garlic, and an abundance of fresh broccoli. This made from scratch soup is simple yet so delicious!

Cream of broccoli soup in brown serving bowls with a crackers atop it. A green cloth is shown to the side and baguette bread as a serving suggestion.

Lots of Broccoli Broccoli Soup

When we think of broccoli soup we often think of the incredibly popular broccoli cheese soup. Cream of broccoli soup may be its not as popular cousin but it deserves no less attention.

It doesn't require many ingredients nor a whole lot of prep, and the completed soup is not bold but perfectly balanced with flavor leaving room for the broccoli to shine.

It's creamy goodness makes it perfectly dip-able for a homemade bread or a fresh loaf you picked up at the market, and a side salad of some sort pairs beautifully (this season I'd suggest kale salad or pear spinach salad). Or you may choose to keep it super basic for lunch and just pair it with crackers.

This is just simple goodness and easy comfort food that doesn't need much.Pot filled with cream of broccoli soup.

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