Chocolate Dipped Spiderweb Halloween Cookies

Mesmerizing Spiderweb Halloween Cookies - Chocolate shortbread cookies are dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled in white chocolate to create a wavy and intricate, festive spiderweb design. They are as delicious as they are pretty!

Spiderweb chocolate dipped halloween cookies shown stacked close up.

Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Meet the tastiest, buttery and decadently chocolaty cookies you'll never be able to get enough of! They have a melt-in your-mouth tender texture and such an enticingly rich flavor.

They are actually a breeze to make (you just need a piping bag and a toothpick to create the web) and they're always sure to impress with their detailed, high contrast design. You can give them as gifts, serve them at a Halloween party or just make them for a fun baking project to treat yourself this weekend.

If you’d like you can also make these in advance and freeze them (shortbread is a perfectly freezer friendly cookie). You can freeze the dough or baked and prepared cookies.

Just be warned you most likely can’t stop at one cookie. They are 100% irresistible and new favorite Halloween treat!

Chocolate halloween cookies shown from above.

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