Chili Mac

Cozy Chili Mac! It's classic beef chili that's upgraded with macaroni pasta and rich cheese for a flavor mashup that doesn't disappoint! It's all cooked in one pot and a breeze to make.

Chili mac in a large pot with a wooden spoon scooping mixture.

One Pot Chili Mac

This is the perfect sweater weather recipe! It's hearty, homemade comfort food that's brimming with flavor and it's just the dinner friends and family of all ages will love on a cold day.

One thing I think you'll really appreciate about this recipe is that many of the ingredients are things you may likely already have on hand, especially if you keep a pack or two of ground beef stashed away in the freezer.

And just like regular chili it's so versatile so you can swap in other ingredients you have on hand for those you don't (see ideas below for substitutes). I've added carrots to chili before so really just about anything goes.

Then top it as you'd like with all your favorite toppings. You can't go wrong with a sprinkle of green onions and more cheese!

Two servings of chili mac shown in serving bowls from overhead. Cornbread slices are shown to the side as a serving suggestion.

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