Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

Pink drink with strawberry slices.

A copycat Starbucks Pink Drink recipe - and it's even better than the real deal! It's made with chilled juice, creamy coconut milk, vibrant strawberries and it's finished with a small mountain of sweetened whipped cream to make it over-the-top delicious!

Pink drink with strawberry slices.

The Best Pink Drink Recipe!

My kids latest obsession this year is Starbucks pink drink. And I love it too but not the price tag. So naturally I set out to make it at home, and after several different attempts we've come up with one we like even better!

It's ready in minutes and truly one of the most refreshing things to enjoy on hot day.

You only need a handful of ingredients, and you'll love that they are things you can always keep on hand for when those cravings strike.

Try this and you'll see that it's definitely a staple summer recipe that people of all ages will love!

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